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 On-Line Course typically               purchased seperately.

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Eagle EMS Training & Learning Academy

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  7) Employer Discounted

          American Heart Assoication 

                       Health Care Provider BLS

​                                        Skills Test Only 

                                                  $ 34.25

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                     In -Person Classes:

​​ discounts apply w/ 5 or more 


       Employer Class Deposit Levels

  1)   Paypal Deposit     $52.00  


  2)  Paypal Deposit     $104.00

   3)  Paypal Deposit             $208.00

                                                                      Paypal Fee Included

   CPR, AED, & First Aid

                  Larger classes can include further  discounts


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  Available in Spanish            by request



  Health Care Provider

CPR/AED & First Aid     

In-Person   (by request)


 Further Discounts  may be available

                             for larger classes​!

  6) Employer Discounted

          American Heart Assoication 

                       Health Care Provider BLS

   CPR, First Aid, AEDCombo

             On-Line +  Skills Test (blended learning)-


              Skills Test = $ 34.25 

   Go to

             for on-line course (approx $22.00).     

Please check calendar for  next skills test or  schedule one  w/ instructor.

 Remember  to bring certificate of completion  to skills     test. Or pre-register with pay pal

   Total Class Price approx  $ 56.25


 3)  Employer Discounted

   First Aid Only                    (Layperson- ASHI)

Class- $ 35.50

<   with this option you pay

             as you register or 

                   use access code

  5)  Employer Discounted   Layperson ASHI

  CPR, First Aid, AED Combo On line  + SkillsTest 

 (blended learning)    Class- $ 43.25  

              Pay Separtely in Advance Option



   Employer Discounted

 2)  CPR, AED Only   (Layperson)                       Class- $34.70 (ASHI)


  For more information

      Contact: Sandy Hinthorne     509-668-7137

   Blood Borne Pathogen          & HIV/AIDs  Classes

  4)  Employer Discounted  (Layperson) ASHI

  CPR, First Aid, AED Combo On line  + SkillsTest 

  (blended learning)    Class- $ 43.25

                                         Open enrollment Students click below:​

 1)  Employer Discounted

      CPR, AED &

        First Aid Combo

  In- Person (Layperson- ASHI)                               $ 43.90 








includes paypal fee...


      BBP/ HIV/AIDs Awareness 


    2 hr- $23.65

   4hr - $35.20 

   7hr- $50.30  


American Heart Association

        OPEN BOOK 

         Challange Exam

​                                                        $35.50

  Please Pre-Pay Or

 make arrangements by phone

   Layperson CPR,AED, & First Aid 

​       Blended  Learning

  (On-line + Skills test) 


                 Price per student:

            Bloodborne Pathogen
   1.5 hr (yearly) - $19

       HIV/AIDs Awareness Level +              BBP

   2hr- $22.75  

   4hr - $33  

   7hr- $48 

  Prices may be reduced as much as

            50% for some classes 

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  The American Heart Association (AHA) strongly promotes knowledge and proficiency in BLS, ACLS, and PALS, and has developed instructional materials for this purpose. Use of these materials in an educational course does not represent course sponsorship by the American Heart Association, and any fees charged for such a course do not represent income to AHA.

includes paypal fee...

(group rates)

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Discounts applyw/ 6 students or more.