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 Cards are sold in packs of 5 or 10.

    4x6     1 pk of 5            $11.00

    5x7     1 pk of 5            $12.50

     4x6     1 pk of 10          $20.75

      5x7     1 pk of 10         $22.00

             Cards are approximate in size.    Square cards are priced at the 4x6 rate.

You are my hiding place. You will protect me from ....

.  ......and I'm watching for any    suspicious or unusual behavior       contrary to your customary

  sweet and pristine cowboy style!

of whom shall I be afraid...

The one who is in you is greater

than he who is in the world...

Sorry I missed the boat!

...for when one falls, his companion will pick him up

 ....from all wrath, peril, or  suspected harmful intent!


                 Greeting Cards

 Cards listed under "Spiritual"

 will contain a direct bible reference on the inside. All other cards will be considered "Main Stream",

although they may also have references or Spiritual messages.

Greeting Cards Spiritual