Kid's  CPR TrainingTime

Mr. Wonder Heart coming in August, 2016

Child CPR Basic Techniques 

        Adults can get the basics too!

                    Participation Certifications offered.

                                  Call to make arrangements or see calendar

​                                                 509-668-7137

                                       price is for 8 -14 kids


           $ 10.75      


                                                                                             + Mr. Wonder heart is typically $65.00

                                                                           above  prices may reduce further w/ larger groups

                         $ 16.65 for  4-7  kids                         Paypal fee included

This course includes choking, some AED info               &  is recommended for

             kids 12 years old to adult.

Mr. Wonder Heart can come along with your instructional

session. He makes it WAY Fun! 

                He is quite helpful & friendly!

                                      This Course includes video clips to aid instruction. We are also coming up

                                       with a rythmic, informative song to help keep the beat. It's a way

                                        fun time that will never be underestimated in its value!

             See the links below for News Reports of Middle School Kids along the West Coast 

            that have recently saved lives (doctor confirmed)!
                                        Kids saving lives:



​                        (this 2nd link may have to be copied and pasted)

Eagle Learning 

              Academy NCW