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 How could a website promoting good diet and health promote more saltiness in your diet? Well, read on and find out.... : ) 

This part of the website is not only about physical health, but its about spiritual health and how the two may be connected.....This program is all about being saltY. Saltier than before! To the Christian believer, being "salty" has a different meaning...Jesus has called his followers, "the salt of the earth". This program is about investing in this concept... S.A.L.T. focuses on the benefits of making daily decisions, in this case, especially related to diet, that help us live more as "the salt of the earth". If you are like me, what you eat can have a significant impact on who you are to the world around you. It can often greatly effect your daily living, attitudes, and overall performance in everything you do. The hope is that this program will help you grow in your Christian walk, your relationships, your health, and  possibly even improve the witness you are to even the stranger you may not know. This is about avoiding "loosing saltiness"...Jesus tells us that when salt looses its saltiness, it basically looses its value. He said that once salt is no longer salty, it is only good to be thrown out and be trampled by men.... A tough idea, but actually is what he said.

Making good decisions in diet can be a big deal for some of us! If you know you need to make changes in your

diet and/or suspect your diet significantly affects the "saltiness" of your life​..... Click on the  

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