By Sandy Hinthorne

Credits for Production:

Music & Lyrics

Sandy Hinthorne

Lincoln Pinn

Bill Allyn

​Jeff Reece

​Danny Segovia

Cullin Colwell

Gary Smith

Larry Benoit

Academic Content:

Syliva Martinez


Don Cage

Ryan Edwards

Sara Wu

Migz San Diego

​Daniela Guedes

Antwyon Simpson-         @Mazakouwarrior93

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  • Super Cent.3:46

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Includes this dance at the end!

Vocals by Sandy Hinthorne & Jeff Reece

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Sandy Hinthorne

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​​​​​The 3 Pigs & the 8's...


                    Our most Rock'n Tune! 

    Quite an


   way to learn

  your 8's. With

 a great beat and 



  More Advanced  Material  (5-8th grade)


These Demos & illustrations are not

final products...

We hope most will

arrivethis summer of

2016. Many are Still

being constructed. 

​Thanks for

       your patience!   

Helps with


of  mesurements

A fun song that aids with memory

for multiplicationby 9.

 Done to the "Oh Suzanna" 

​   Song


          Spotted Rover & the 9's




  ...with silly lyrics  &

that uses a

pizza illustration to

help    w/ visulization

of a simple fraction

 Educational Music

​​​​​When I Write

 This song targets bad

writing habits common to

 students in a flowing

 melody with hand motions

to reinforce memory.





 Simple Fractions T-Rex  Style                Sandy Hinthorne​​

     Super Centimetes & Mighty    



                                  Sandy Hinthorne

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By Sandy 


  • 1:18

by Sandy HInthorne

(Most songs have just a           twist of country)  

      A  WAy Cool song! ...  


          WAy Cool song! ...


Frazzled Fractions Cont.

​"Divide & Glide! Yeah,

       take some pride..."




                               w/ multiple illustrations

Frazzled Fractions

                                     This song leaves quite  an                                                                   impression as it humorously                                                                sympathizes with the 

                                                        daily  monotony of school life,                                                            while conveying the

                                                       fundamental math concept

      of converting fractions to percents. A concept that                         underlies so many subsequent problem solving skills

      Mastery of converting fractions to percents 

Knowledge of fundamental concepts will

raise test scores!   

Accompanied with Skit & suggested visual aids recommended to use in conjunction with music to enhance memory     

Power Point Presention  also available                         

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