Original Works in progress - Eagle Studios Christian Contemporary ​


    The Word

          by Michael Strous & Sandy Hinthorne


                 Who do you see?

                      Look Up

                            Hiding Place

                           by Sandy Hinthorne

                     The Lamb Glorified 

​                 by John Gibson

           The Size & Sighs of His Heart 

        by John Gibson



Spanish Praise Music 

           Mu'sica De Alabanza

The Secret Place

                by NewsBoys

   Beyond Belief

                                   by Petra

He will Make It Known​​


​  Works

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  • 3:28

Forever (We Sing Alleluia)

I Am Not Alone


​       by Kari Jobe        

Great Is Thy Faithfulness

Holy, Holy, Holy

Amazing Grace

Be Thou My Vision

How Great Thou Art


Recent & OlderMusic Selections

 Revelation Song

              by Rennie Riddle (originally performed by Kari Jobe)

I Stand in Awe of You

Did you feel the Mountains Tremble

Most Recent

               Contemporary Worship

                               & Hymns

   Kid's Praise & Worship Songs

          (Original Works in progress)

    Gonna Pray, Gonna Praise!

    The Monster Remedy with Jesus