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  (Simple Abundant Living Trade Off...)

    S.A.L.T. is what it's acronym says that it is literally - about making trade offs.  Acknowledging the trade with another, and  believing

that thetrade will be worth it, no  matter what the sacrifice. To practice

this program  is to believe that what is gained is  superior to what is lost.   Also, ertainly that this  trade will give back a gift, not only to  ourselves

and others, but ultimately to our  Savior. 

The principals of this program may be practiced in any circle of friends or persons seeking the same goal. Its is not necessary to belong to this web site to apply this mentality to your personal life. One may always agree to work on it with another. You may even choose to have the Lord himself, be your accountability provider in this pursuit if you wish. The choice is yours. Simply decide what you feel will accomplish the best results. 

 The SALTProgram allows 

 various levels of interaction with a coach. One may also still choose to decline personal interaction and just do the free reading if desired:

 Steel- Access to Scripture Diary   - free! : )

Bronze- Access to Scripture Diary & Support Program - $8.00/month

 Silver- Access to Diary & Support Program w/ Design of a Diet/Exercise Plan & a Weekly Report - $30 /month + pre-arranged diet

$15 exercise set up fee. Yoga may be substituted

 Gold- Access to Diary & Support Program w/ Design of a Diet/ Exercise Plan & Daily Support w/ a Daily Report - $160 /month + pre-arranged diet/ exercise set up fee

Exercise Plan includes 3 different plans:         
Minimal- 15 min/day (or 30 mins every other day)   
Moderate- 30 min/day (or one hour every other day)
Maximum- Negotiable  

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                                      This program scheduled to be available to   the public by June of 2015,

or may be requested privately from

coach before that...

                                                                        Contact: Sandy Hinthorne 509-668-7137